I shall have to inform you that there will not be any new posts until medio July at the very earliest.  You see, I am currently participating in what the Norwegian Armed Forces refer to as Felles Opptak og Seleksjon.  It is a three week ordeal during which roughly 1500 applicants are deemed either fit or unfit for service within various sections of the Norwegian military.  As a sergeant, then, it is part of my work to see my share of the young hopefuls through the initial part of the selection process.

I shall have returned by medio July!

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  1. This is a poor excuse for saying that your lasy. I do not like it.

    Only thing to redeem yourself from this humiliation, is to get some pictures from this “Felles Opptak og Seksjon” where you dizz some of the people. In a funny and good way, and i mean a GOOD way and of course with your point of view of it all.

    I hope you listen to your readers. We demand amusement!

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