I shall have to inform you that there will not be any new posts until medio July at the very earliest.  You see, I am currently participating in what the Norwegian Armed Forces refer to as Felles Opptak og Seleksjon.  It is a three week ordeal during which roughly 1500 applicants are deemed either fit or unfit for service within various sections of the Norwegian military.  As a sergeant, then, it is part of my work to see my share of the young hopefuls through the initial part of the selection process.

I shall have returned by medio July!

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The Ego Hath Landed

All right.  I shall start this off with a brief, and dare I say quite honest, introduction.  My name is Øystein, and I am a guy.  I know this because last time I took a shower, there was no conditioner in sight, nor were there any expensive creams or lotions to remove all signs of age from my rugged man-face.  As of writing I am 23 years of age and on my way to becoming a sergeant of the RNoAF.  My working days are spent scurrying about some military establishment wherein I absorb information like the obedient sponge I am. Extracurricular activities include hanging out with the people I care about – and sometimes with people I don’t care about – working out, watching the latest movies, pursuing general fulfillment in life and a plethora of other activities I shan’t bother to list.

So what will I fill the pages of this blog with then?  There is already a jungle of blogs out there; blogs where people write to tell you how their latest trip to the Zoo went, or how wonderful it is to have your toenails clipped by a Thai woman.  Lots of useless garbage in other words; garbage I intend not to contribute to. It would seem then, that a diary where I chronicle all the exciting aspects of my everyday existence, is out of the question.  What about a blog discussing the finer details of French cuisine, so that people with silk scarves and berets can giggle their way through my witty commentary?  Or I could write about dogs.  Plenty of people like dogs.  The only catch is that they’re all complete berks.  Most of them are named Steve and enjoy going for long jogs at four thirty in the morning and topping it off by letting their hairy pet take a gargantuan dump on my front lawn.  So that is out of the question then.

Come to think of it; limiting myself to only one general area of blogging seems awfully boring.  I shall therefore write about anything that catches my interest, no matter how serious, or light-hearted, the subject at hand may be!  Nothing shall be safe from my inquisitive quill, and I shall attack each post with great ferocity.  Politics, religion, women and their hormones, old people, berks wearing anoraks, they shall all be equally valid subject matters!  Granted, I don’t know much about any of the aforementioned, but that never stopped anyone else, so why should I be deterred.  Excellent, this is shaping out quite nicely.

Now, some of the stuff I write might provoke you, or perhaps even cause a minor ulcer to develop.  As I mentioned above, I might not have the slightest bit of insight into whatever it is I’m rambling on about.  But I can promise you this; I shall write about it with a burning interest so fierce in nature that it will make King Leonidas’ pep talk to the 300 look like an AA meeting.  Hopefully, it will spark a little creative thought in that damp sponge you call a brain, in which case we’ll have a win-win situation.  I am of course insinuating that you might want to leave your commentary at the bottom of the post relevant to your interests.

As for regularity, I will try to have a new post up either weekly or bi-weekly, depending on my schedule.  The military has a tendency to plan poorly, and of course us lower ranked minions are the ones who have to suffer the consequences.